All Is Well In My World

August 12, 2020 1 Comment

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

- Albert Einstein

We are all dealing with difficulties and challenges in our own ways. Some days seem longer than others. Some days are lighter, brighter and happier than others. Some days we WANT the “magic pill” and make everything go away and other days we are smiling for no reason. There are days when getting out of bed seems like climbing Mount Everest and then there are days when we are staring in wonder at your child, and it fills your heart with a kind love we never knew existed before.

There will be days when this will all seem meaningless and unworthy of your energy and time and then there will be days when you know that your little act of kindness brought happiness in the life of someone less fortunate.

There will be days when love will seem elusive, hard to find. There will be days when you will doubt your love because it is not “normal”. Then, there will be days when you will trust your gut, your instinct more than anything. You will know in that moment that what YOU want IS normal. That the kind of love you seek is worth waiting for.

No matter where you are today, no matter what kind of day it is today, good, bad, ugly affirm to yourself this:

My happiness does not depend on any external factor in my life!

I AM home of happiness. Today I pause, take a deep breath in and feel thankful to be alive.

All is well in my world.

All is well in my world.

All is well in my world.

Saba Haider

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March 23, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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