How to gain clarity of the mind and vitality in the body

August 24, 2020 4 Comments

We all have different roles in our lives. We are parents and providers. We are caregivers and leaders. We are employers and employees. We are teachers and educators. We are role models and hustlers. Sometimes, we are ALL IN ONE! 

In order to do so, we learn early on that we have to take information in. Lots and lots of information! We learn, we study, go to school, take courses, attend seminars and constantly take information in, to make ourselves a better version of ourselves. It is a commendable feat to be able to learn so much and be SOMEBODY! 

 However, somewhere down the road, because of the desire to learn and continue to learn, we forgot to PAUSE and "smell the roses." We stop nurturing the garden of the soul and don't let the flowers and vines and trees to grow and make our inner garden fragrant, colorful, vibrant and full of life. 

We carry on with our day to day bombarded with so much information and sensory stimuli.  There is a sensory overload in our lives. We end up spending an incredible amount of energy in processing all the information that we are receiving from our environment in the form of news, social media, marketing allures, internet search rabbit holes, and so much more! All of this results in an overworked and exhausted nervous system. 

When the nervous system is exhausted, we feel depleted and tired. The mind feels foggy and there is a lack of clarity in our thoughts and ideas. The body feels achy, tired and there is a visible lack of vitality. 

What Can We Do? 

Sometimes the most challenging problems can have the simplest solutions. The solution to the sensory and nervous overload is to draw the awareness inward and find time to be with oneself. Sitting quietly with a warm cup of tea without distractions like TV, phone, music etc. Taking the time to sit in a meditation with the eyes closed to simply observe the breath. Observing various sensations of the body in a given moment of time like the rise and fall of your chest as you breath in and out, or micro-movement of the tips of your fingers as the blood pulsates through them. Really anything that takes you inward and cut off the stimuli from your outer world. 

Kurma (Tortoise) Mudra: allowing the awareness to turn inward


This is a both-hand mudra. Bring the middle and the ring of the right hand to the heel of the hand, keeping the index and little fingers, and the thumb straight. Do the same with the left hand. Bring the right hand in front of the heart with the palm facing downward. Take the left hand with its palm turning upward, under the right hand. Let the tip of the right little finger touch the tip of the left index finger. now touch the tip of the index finger of the right hand to the thumb of the left hand. Bend fingers of both hands gently touch each other. The thumb of the right hand and the little finger of the left hand are straight. 

Hold this mudra for a minimum of 3 minutes or up to 30 minutes if you can comfortably do that. Please listen to your body and do what feels right to you.



Kurma Mudra (various angles)


(Inhaling) - I invite vitality to my body.

(Exhaling) - I invite clarity to my mind. 


  • This meditation with the mudra and affirmations will help reduce the sensory overload
  • It helps in reducing stress
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • It helps with turning the awareness inward so that the body and the mind feel restored


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September 11, 2020


Milt Buckingham
Milt Buckingham

August 29, 2020

What’s the saying – we are human beings, not human do-ings? We all need to have more “being” and less “doing” in our lives. We would experience our worlds more richly than we do now, with greater insight, meaning and purpose, and less going through the motions. Saba, your classes are great for reminding us where to find that off switch to auto-pilot mode!

Narayana Meduri
Narayana Meduri

August 26, 2020

Interesting and valuable information to calm your mind.. thank you Saba

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