Yoga for Back Pain

July 20, 2020


  1. Cat Pose

First go on all fours. Keep your knees directly under your hips and your wrists underneath your shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position with your eyes looking at the floor.

As you exhale, arch your spine towards the sky and drop your head towards the floor.

Inhale, coming back to the neutral “tabletop” position.


  1. Cow Pose

Begin in a “tabletop” position. Again making sure your wrists are under your shoulders and your knees are directly below your hips.

Inhale as you look up and let your stomach fall towards the ground.


  1. Sphinx Pose

Lie down on your stomach, with your legs straight behind you.

Put your forearms on the floor and your elbows under your shoulders as you lift your chest up off the mat.


  1. Child’s Pose

 Kneel on your mat with your knees hip length apart.

As you exhale bend down bringing your chest over your thighs.

Bring the arms out in front of you and try to bring you head to the ground.



  1. Downward Dog Pose

Get onto all fours with your knees directly under your hips and your hands right under your shoulders.

Press into your hands and bring your hips toward the ceiling.



  1. Eagle Pose

Stand up straight in Tadasana. Bend your knees slightly and lift your left foot up and cross your left thigh over your right.

Stretch your arms out in front of you and cross them so that the right arm is

Above the left, then bend your elbows. Put the right elbow in the crook of the left, and raise your forearms up towards the sky.

Press the right and left hands toward each other and stretch the fingers up. Hold this for 15 to 30 seconds.



  1. Extended Triangle Pose

From a standing position, bring your feet around 4 feet apart. Put your left foot at an angle and your right foot facing forward. Bring your arms parallel to the mat.

Tilt forward at your right hip to come down with your arm and your torso.

Rest your hand on your leg, a yoga block, or the floor. Hold this pose for 1 minute and then repeat on the opposite side.


  1. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

In a seated position, bring your right foot in towards your body.

Take your left foot to the outside of the right leg

Exhale, twisting your body to the left side.

Put your right arm on your left thigh and put your left hand on the floor behind you.



  1. Locust Pose

Lay down on your belly with your feet parallel to your hips.

Put your arms by your sides.

Inhale lift the chest, arms, and legs off the mat.

Hold this for 30 seconds.



  1. Camel Pose

Start kneeling with yours knees hip width apart.

Inhale lift the arms up.

Exhale, swing the arms back ad reach for your heels wrapping the fingers around the outside of the heels.

Keep pressing the hips forward, bring your chest up towards to the ceiling, and if you can bring your head back.

Hold 3-5 full breaths here.


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