Meditation Videos

1- Meditation for Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Saba Haider

During this meditation, allow the breath to calm the mind and heart. "Mudras" (specific hand gestures from Yogic philosophy) are used along with visualization techniques to help us achieve the goal of a strong body, calm mind and a happy heart.

In this mediation, affirmations are used to invite healing, and breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and getting stuck in the same, pessimistic narrative that our mind plays again and again on repeat.

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 2- After The Meditation Poem by Rumi Yoga with Saba Haider 2020


Rumi, a 13th century Persian Sufi mystic, has been described as the "most popular" poet of all time. He warns us in this poem, "After the Meditation", not to let the matters of the heart unattended. While he does not dwell into what that means, it leaves us thinking, "How can we tend to our Heart-Donkey?" 

For some it can mean meditating on the breath and for others it can be taking care of the body by practicing yoga asanas. Some may find joy in giving back to the community and helps others in need. To many, connecting with a loved one can bring warmth to the heart. 

How do you tend to your heart?