Yoga Practice Videos

1- Yoga for Hips Part- 1 Yoga with Saba Haider

This yoga asana practice is focused on inviting movement, openness and releasing tightness and tension from the hips, lower back and legs. Often times we sit on chairs for long hours for work, to study and many other everyday necessities.

This practice starts with a meditation to invite clarity and balance to our whole being. The asana/physical practice allow the hips to open up for a pain-free lower back and hips.

Enjoy this practice by doing it once or if you have more time, repeat it a few times to become comfortable with the flow and also to allow the postures to go deeper and reap more benefits form the practice.

Remember to affirm to yourself- Every day, in every way, My life is getting better and better.


2-Yoga for Back Pain - Yoga with Saba Haider- 2020

This yoga tutorial will help you relieve backache, sensitivity and pain, caused by sitting on a desk for long hours or walking all day long. If you have a busy lifestyle and feel tired and exhausted by the end of the day, THIS IS THE PRACTICE FOR YOU!

With consistent practice, watch your back become strong and flexible. You will notice that the chest and upper body feels open and expansive. Tightness from the shoulders, neck and lower back will disappear. Invite health, vitality, flexibility and strength to your whole body with this 20 minute practice.


3- HTGC Yoga Live Part-1 Yoga with Saba Haider


4-Yoga with Saba Haider HTGC Live 2 - April - 2020

5-HTGC Live - 3 Yoga with Saba Haider - April - 2020

2 hour long practice focusing on stretching and strengthening the arms and back muscles. This is an advanced practice so please feel free to modify as needed.