New/Full Moon Prayer Mala

A Mala is a necklace or a string of beads that is used in a meditation practice. A mala is so much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a tool that has been used for centuries to help us internalize the meditative practices such as using mantras or counting breaths. To make our Malas, we use many different materials that have different energetic qualities. We use gemstones, rudraksha seeds (protective quality) and Sandalwood and Tulsi beads (calming/cooling effects). Each Mala is blessed with a long meditation using specific mantras and tying overhead knots after each bead during the meditatio.  

These customized, handmade malas are made twice every month. One on New Moon and another on Full Moon night. Harnessing the celestial energy of the new and full moon, these malas are made by chanting mantras and affirmations at each knot with each bead. A total of 108 beads are used to make the mala, along with Guru bead and other fitting tassel and beads. It takes several hours to meticulously select the right stones, beads, tassels, design and then go on to tie the knots, after each bead. the whole process takes about 5-6 hours. 

A 15 minute session is scheduled a few days before the new/full moon to know what intentions you would like to invite in your life. You can share your intentions, personal and professional goals, you like to see come true. 

Specific colors and stones (beads) are used to harness specific energies depending upon your intentions and goals. 

You will also receive a hand-written note with your custom order mala, explaining the details of your mala. The benefits of the stones used, the significance of the colors of the thread and tassel, the importance of the guru bead. You will also be given a special, sacred mantra (affirmation) that you can use with your personal meditation practice, using your prayer/meditation mala. 

Actual mala may vary in design, colors and stones depending upon the custom intentions/goals. Picture is for reference purposes only.